Denver Open Houses

Denver has so many awesome areas to live and a lot of people wonder what it’s like to live in certain areas. A great way to see what a neighborhood is like, both inside and out,is to drive through neighborhoods on Saturday or Sunday and stop off at random open houses. Stop into the local restaurants and shops. Park and walk, feel the walkability of the area, check out local bars and neighborhood parks.

Business trips

It’s never easy leaving the job, let alone my family, for a business trip. The hardest part is focusing on the information to be learned more than what I’m missing both at home and back at work.

This trip, I’m hoping to be a great learner so when I return, I can not only implement what I have learned, but be more efficient so I can have a solid work-life balance…

Visit to NM

Had a wonderful week working in New Mexico. Visited realtors & bankers, went to open houses, and met with a lot of fantastic people. The weather was beautiful but, more importantly, the people reminded me of how much I miss living there.

Had an opportunity to get back to the family roots and got to experience the amazing food that is found nowhere else in the world! And, while visiting the foothills, while checking out the homes for sale, stumbled upon a great trailhead into the mountains.

Skip 2 Payments?

If you lock in your rate today, you will likely not have a payment for 2months. Loans that originate today, won’t have a first payment due until December 1st! What would you do with 2 skipped house payments? Pay off or down a credit card? Pay an extra payment on your car? How about a nice weekend trip for the holidays or just a nice stash of cash do you charge nothing on your credit card this holiday season?

Whatever you choose to use the money for, the extra breathing room of skipping 2 payments, getting into a better loan, And getting it done in’15-18 days will make your fall a little more fun…